About Supreme Star Portal

SSP is one of the leading branding and marketing organization in the Middle East, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We offer all the services that cover all your requirements related to developing your digital assets and market engagements of your products and services to a highest level of reach to your audiences.

We build business solutions that help businesses from all sizes to develop and achieve their full growth potential. The small businesses, too, gain considerably from our services, as we help them establish themselves and turn into a growing company

Supreme Star Portal is the firm of choice for some of the world’s most prestigious small medium and large businesses. We help you in elevating your business by giving solutions to all of your digital space requirements, altering your company and setting the industry standard. Our team consists of seasoned professionals that have worked in a variety of fields. Our diverse team is well-versed in a variety of fields, allowing us to deliver the best possible answer to your branding needs.

My Message

Since in 2014, I was known as a Freelancer for IT Solutions with an identity as Butterfly Web Solutions. With interest and dedication in what I was doing , my work has emphasized on local and global consistency in performance delivery. Handling familiar challenges that most organizations face , I happen to emerge successfully by finding solutions to the problem, adopting innovative technology, and embracing digital transformations. I am excited about our outlook in future. Myself and My Team have transitioned from a modest small start up to a respectable firm garnering business from multiple clients. Our integrity, orientation skills, experience, and commitment to quality has enabled us to THINK BIG and serve our clients with distinction. There is extreme need for accepting bigger challenges that will open doors to bigger opportunities.

It is my privilege to get an opportunity to work with my dream firm. With blessings from the Almighty and my beloved parents, I look forward to serving the best of best service in the Global Market.

– Kavina Veeramani, MD

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Principles Of Our Work


Forget titles, job descriptions, and hierarchy. Creativity is not a skill set, it’s a mindset, resisting habitual thinking and inviting exploration. To be human is to be creative. And we are here to create a creative framework beyond your imagination!


Workplace integrity is about having strong principles and values, which you demonstrate through your conduct in the work environment. A common integrity definition states that people with integrity do the right thing even when nobody is watching. And we are proud to have such a work environment around us 🙂


An innovative organization starts with a clear vision. Followed by Integrity, when you allow and give space to your team with a colorful and lively work environment, with positivity flushed out, they will naturally tend to come up with innovative plans to make your project User-friendly. We get this done practically!

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